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Let your money work!

Earn 0.65% Daily For 261 Business Days (365 Days)

The plan that we currently offer is the same across the board regardless of how much you invest. You will earn a constant 0.65% daily profit for one year - total 170% return.

You have the option of choosing any investment amount, depending upon your ultimate goal and how much income you wish to gain.

Other plans with other trading companies offer a daily rate of profits that is based on how much you invest. That means that you generally only receive a decent profit ratio when you invest larger sums of money.

We believe that this plan is suitable for all investors at this stage, especially in the context of the deteriorating global economic environment. We expect to add new investment plans after the global economy picks up in 2-3 years. Stay tuned.


0.65% daily accruals

  • Principal is included in your daily earnings
  • 2% Referral Reward
  • Minimum deposit $10

0.65% Daily until 170% Return

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